We are The GMC and ERC from the Netherlands and we've been making hip-hop music in ERC's studio (click on the FDP logo) since 1999. The beats are made by ERC and The GMC writes and performs the rhymes. We've been doing shows since 1999, dropped a demo album in 2000 and we've been featured on hip-hop compilations such as "Rhymetime 2" in the Netherlands. On stage, ERC is located behind the turntables and The GMC is the main mc.

We've done shows throughout the Netherlands at places such as the Milkyway in Amsterdam. In 2003 we won a regional competition called “Noord Hollands Glorie” and in that same year we participated in a national competition called “de Grote Prijs van Nederland”. Our debut album is called “Dedicated” (2006). That same year we had our videoclip "Earn your props" aired on television. We planned to drop a second album (As Usual) in the summer of 2008 but this has been canceled. Well, we're still here and making tracks.


ERC (Producer)

ERC started making hip-hop music in the late 80's. He is a producer, dj and sound engineer. He started the music label "Fusion Deal Productions" in 1999. ERC has worked with well-known mc's and producers from the US and the Netherlands. You can find more about this on

The GMC (MC)

The GMC started rapping in the mid 90's and joined ERC's music label in the late 90's. He was raised bilingual. G has performed at different spots throughout the years and hosted hip-hop parties and events, and several MC Battles. He has recorded with European and American mc's.